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Covid Daily UPDATES to no longer be published

The Beagle has decided NOT to publish the Covid Updates provided by NSW Health or Southern New South Wales Health District as, in the opinion of the editor, the daily statistics no longer serve any purpose other than to underestimate the impact of Covid on the community and present a more favourable report card of the situation. Testing results are taking more than seven days to receive, RATS are near impossible to source, stats of positive cases are all but irrelevant and locations are skewed with reporting parameters changing to further dilute the message. The Beagle, in agreement with the many readers who have contacted us, has decided that there is very little in the way of any accurate statistical information it can pass on that might specifically inform our local community. The reality is that the Omicron variant is well entrenched in our community, that there are more than the number NSW Health say are positive and that we had best take responsibility for ourselves because the government is overwhelmed and barely, if at all, in control. Should there be Covid information that is not considered marketing spin based on out of date figures that fail to reflect the reality of the situation we will keep the community informed.