COVID-19 check-in card now available

Customers can now register for a COVID-19 check-in card which can be presented to supermarkets and other essential retail businesses to scan. The card provides an alternative check-in method for customers who don't have smart phones and/or those who are not comfortable using the Service NSW webform. Note: This check-in method is only available at businesses that have a QR compatible device. It is not mandatory for businesses to accept COVID-19 check-in cards.

Customers can download and print their COVID-19 check-in card or have a plastic card mailed to them. Their contact details will be securely stored within the QR code, which will prepopulate the webform when scanned by the business: The COVID-19 check-in card is a hard-copy (printed) card with a unique QR code that contains your registered contact details.

When you enter a COVID Safe business, a staff member scans your card and your visit to the premises is electronically recorded. If the business device is unable to read your QR code, the staff member will enter your details manually into the online webform.

Once you've created your card you can have it posted to you, or download a printable version immediately.

If you lose the card, or your contact details change, you simply create a new card.