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Council to question Racing NSW on racehorse 'wastage'

Councillor Lindsay Brown has given notice that at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council on Tuesday 12 November 2019, he will move a motion that Council write to Racing NSW requesting the following information: 1. what protocols are in place with regard to ensuring appropriate standards of care are undertaken for all registered thoroughbred trainers in NSW? 2. what protocols are in place for the rehoming and ongoing standards of care for thoroughbred racehorses in NSW? 3. how are standards monitored and enforced? Having recently sold the Moruya Racecourse to Racing NSW for an undisclosed amount (understood to be less than $1 million) it appears that Council is now able to ask such questions now that they are removed from their responsibility of being a racecourse owner. By way of background to his concerns Councillor Lindsay Brown has advised that ABC recently aired a story regarding the treatment and disposal of racehorses saying "the treatment displayed during the story was abhorrent to anyone, especially those who own and love horses. I would like to be assured that the horses that are being raced in NSW are being treated ethically and humanely." "Is it my understanding that Racing NSW has a process that was recently brought in, around 2017-18, that ensures all retired racehorses receive a high level of care funded by a levy on all race meetings."

ABC Video: The horse racing industry is reeling after an ABC investigation exposed the mass slaughter and mistreatment of once-prized racehorses.