Council elections 2021 : comments

With the upcoming Council elections due to be run on September 4th there is a build up of related articles covering group launches, media releases to letters to the editor. It has been observed that there has been an attempt to bombarde the comments section with name calling, denigration, political aggrandisement and electioneering. As there is just one of me moderating every single comment made I have decided to make it easier for myself to Approve or Reject comments by putting into place the following: Note to commenters on this post: Use your first name and preferably your second as well. Make a comment and own it. Have a conversation but let the other person know who you are. No "local", No "Very Nervous", No "Not Silly" We all appreciate names such a Owen Cartledge, Jeff de Jager, Alan Brown, Glen Newton, Coral Anderson, David Grace, Peter Coggin Mark W, etc... Under all of the pseudonyms being used we are all being bombarded with short one liners. Hold off and string a few ideas together please. Maybe even hold off and write a letter to the editor instead. There are so many valid viewpoints to exchange and much that can be contributed. Please add your views but stay on topic. Comments will not be published if they are not relevant to the article posted. If you have an opinion then share it, but own it as well. In anticipation - Thanks for making my life a little easier - Now play on. Thanks