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Council calls for review of development laws

Eurobodalla Deputy Mayor Alison Worthington is calling for a comprehensive review of the rules around zombie developments, saying “the community is unhappy when decades old development approvals are resurrected without review against contemporary planning and environmental legislation or changing community values”.

“The never ending life of zombie consents not only creates concern but also confusion for our community when they see subdivisions that are being modified – legally - but without a modern-day assessment of the environmental impacts of the development,” Cr Worthington said.

Cr Worthington said the relevant planning laws were outside the control of Council and rested with the NSW Government.

“While the legal framework can be complex and there are legitimate reasons why developments become delayed, it is clear our community is not satisfied with residential subdivisions that were approved decades ago keeping their original consent conditions.

“For example, the subdivision at Anderson Avenue in Tuross was approved in 1984 and because some physical construction had been done, consent for the development remains in place without taking into account the impacts of climate change,” she said.

“I think the legalities need review and happily I’m not alone. Today Council supported my call asking the relevant state ministers for a comprehensive review of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act as it applies to zombie developments and associated issues.”

Following the Tuesday 9 March general meeting, Mayor Mathew Hatcher confirmed Council would shortly make representations to the NSW Minister for Planning on the matter, along with ministers and shadow ministers heading up relevant portfolios.

Above: Council will make representation to the relevant state ministers for a review of the rules around resurrecting decades-old development approvals without review to meet contemporary standards.