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Constance asked for his position on nuclear submarine base in Jervis Bay

Carmel McCallum, Greens candidate for Gilmore has issued a media alert that Gareth Ward, Member for Kiama, is proposing to lodge a blatantly political motion in the NSW Parliament today. "It relates to the Prime Minister’s cunning announcement regarding nuclear submarine bases on the East Coast.

“What is the truth behind this? Where has the Navy, in several studies, determined the best location?”, asks Ms McCallum.

“Tragically, after Sydney, Jervis Bay, floated to the top as the prime contender. It ticks almost all the boxes.

“Will the Liberal candidate for Gilmore be honest enough to make a statement on this? Will he swear that it will not be constructed in Jervis Bay?

“Jervis Bay is a Gazetted marine sanctuary and must be protected from the inevitable degradation which must accompany construction and operation of two huge military complexes on its shores.

“This smokescreen is a furphy, a blatant and transparent attempt to divert attention away from the Coalition governments’ appalling performance regarding the floods, and to keep the Gilmore Liberal candidate from rightful interrogation by voters.

“The people want to hear the truth. I am really angry about this, and so will many others be angry. We are sick of downright lies, misinformation and dishonest obfuscation of the truth.”

“I call on Andrew Constance to vow that Jervis Bay will never be in contention for such a scarring of the landscape and a reckless disregard for the precious Jervis Bay ecosystem.

“I am calling on all voters to ask the same question,” said Ms McCallum. “People want honest politics, not dishonest politicians.

“People can handle the truth, and they will vote accordingly.”