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Coachhouse, Village Centre and Bridge Plaza on board to support AMH Rally of the Bay July 4th

The Coachhouse Marina Resort has again renewed its support for the North Shore Sporting Car Clubs, AMH Rally of the Bay. Joining them in 2020 is the Village Centre and Bridge Plaza shopping centres, located a short walking distance from the traditional start line for the exciting motorsport event.

In announcing the partnerships, North Shore Sporting Car Club (NSSCC) President Brett Middleton said “We’re glad to have the Coachhouse back on board as one of our major partners this year. They are a great supporter, and they provide affordable and comfortable accommodation for the vast majority of rally teams that attend and compete in the event.”

“It’s also really great to welcome the Village Centre and Bridge Plaza shopping centres as a new major partner. The two shopping centres are an essential part of the rally. Most teams will shop locally for their supplies, rather than bring it with them, so having forged this relationship is just more good news for the rally and also the Batemans Bay and local community” added Middleton.  

The rally of the Bay Event Manager, Nigel Bland expects up to 100 rally teams to descend on the Batemans Bay township on the first weekend in July.

“It’s fantastic to have these two local businesses on-board” said Bland. “The Coachhouse Marina Resort has been a great venue for us to base our rally headquarters over the past few years and we’re really looking forward to their great hospitality again this year.  It’s also great to have the Village Centre and Bridge Plaza supporting the event. We know our event will bring a much-needed boost to the local Batemans Bay economy and we’ll be encouraging them to spend locally”

“This will be the first Rally to take place in a post COVID-19 restricted world” said Bland. “We’re expecting a bigger turnout than normal as the rally is turning into a great test run for teams looking to participate in the Australian Rally Championship later in the year. And whilst our event isn’t part of that series, we’ve had plenty of interest from the top level of the sport” added Bland.

The 2020 Rally of the Bay forms part of the MTA NSW Rally Championship, East Coast Classic Rally Series, NSW Clubman Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series and the ACT Regional Rally Series.

What date is the Rally of the Bay?

4th July 2020 starting at 8:30am in the main street of Batemans Bay

How many teams are you expecting?

Anywhere up to 100 competing teams are likely to enter the Rally of the Bay as it is the first Gravel Rally event post COVID-19 restrictions.

Who is the naming rights partner?

AMH Automotive Group – They have Holden, Kia, Honda and Nissan dealerships, as well as Ironman 4x4 on the south coast of NSW

Where will the rally be held?

In the immediate Forests north and south of Batemans Bay. The River Road in Nelligen is one of the popular roads used as well as Runnyford Rd and the Old Highway.

Where is Rally HQ?

Rally HQ will be located at the Coachhouse Marina Resort.

Where should teams stay when in Batemans Bay?

The best place to stay is the Coachhouse Marina Resort, however there are plenty of other accommodation options in Batemans Bay

What is the format of the Rally?

There are three rallies in one. The main event is 138km of competitive distance with a total distance of 317km. There are 5 special stages and 2 of the stages are repeated, which means there are a total of 7 stages of competition.

Is there a ’pits’ where teams work on the cars?

Yes, the ‘Service Park’ is open all day Saturday and is at Corrigans Beach Reserve, Beach Road, Batehaven

Is this event part of a series?

Yes, it is the first round of the MTA NSW Rally Championship, East Coast Classic Rally Series, NSW Clubman Rally Series, Techworkz ACT Rally Series and Hyundai Rally Series.

Can I come and spectate? Unfortunately, North Shore Sporting Car Club has had to make the difficult decision to have no spectating for 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, you can become an official, see the next FAQ.

Can I help as a Volunteer?

Yes, absolutely. There is plenty of opportunity to help by being a Rally Official. There is no experience required and we’ll train you on what is needed to be done. This is the perfect opportunity to get up close to the rally action.

If I wanted to have a go at rallying, is this event suitable?

Yes, we have a specific event called the ‘Bay Meander’, which allows people to do 4 of the stages without the need for a rally license, roll cage, frontal head restraint etc. This allows new competitors the opportunity to try out the exciting sport of rallying.

How do I find out more information?

You can follow the North Shore Sporting Car Club on Instagram, Facebook and on the web site at

Does the Car Club do anything with the local community?

Yes. The car club raised money during the recent bush fires with the aim of supporting a local organisation in the Batemans Bay area. At the start of the rally, we will announce who is going to receive the gift.