Clyde Boat Ramps to Open

Batemans Bay Boaters Association advise: Boat Ramps to Open

Clyde Street boat ramp will be reopened on Thursday 17 December 2020, weather permitting.

Old Punt Road boat ramp will close again from Monday 11 January 2021 and access to the river will continue to alternate between the boat ramps for the remainder of major work. Signage will be in place at both boat ramps to keep the community informed.

Both Old Punt Road boat ramp and Clyde Street boat ramp will each provide up to eight boat trailer parking spaces, a safe boat holding location, and a boat trailer turn-around area.

TfNSW points out that Hanging Rock boatramp will be open and my be used by vessel wishing to travel upstream. The Batemans Bay Boaters Association STRONGLY suggest to boat owners to proceed with a high degree of caution if leaving Hanging Rock boat ramp on passage up the Clyde River saying "If your skills or vessels are not adequate for this area please don't attempt to pass through the exit in unsuitable conditions."

"On an outgoing tide with even a slight Northerly wind and any eastern swell the area is very very dangerous.

"It has wrongly been classified a smooth water not requiring lifejackets and safety equipment for open water. This was done so Transport for NSW (Maritime) could close the local boat ramps west of the bridge and not reinstate the wash-away temporary boat ramp. One serious accident has already happened in the area as a result of these actions."