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Club Malua Women's Bowls Report

Bowls Organiser David welcomed 45 ladies on a lovely sunny day and no rain !! Winners on Rink 3, Judy Munday, Bev McKague and Kim Giannasca. Runners-up on Rink 1 , Robyn Butcher, Anna Stewart, Gay Thurlow and Pat Weekes. Other winning teams, Lyn Gowans, Wendy Geary and Noleen Taylor. Rosie Rayner, Judy Davis, Raija Johnston and Alison Innes. Joan Rimmer, Helen Rees and Karen Signor. Joan Fitzroy, Janet McKay and Julie Lewis. Pat Biddolph, Sue Morgan and Rae Fayle. Well done to all teams especially when it became quite breezy. Skip on Rink 7 Noleen , selected to try for Jackpot of $678 but no luck this time. President Sue announced it was Paula Hancocks Birthday, so all sang together. Money club winners, 33, Lyn Gowans, 19, Julie Lewis, well done to both ladies. Dates to remember, Tuesday 7th December, Christmas Party at Club Malua Marquee, all wearing their Christmas regalia, will be bowling in the morning.

Friday 10th, Skirts and Shirts Day, when the ladies and men compete against each other, this will also be Presentation Day, commencing around 4pm. Tuesday 14th will be Ham Day, there will be hams to win on each green , lots of fun and friendship. Make sure your names are on list for all these events. Wednesday , Round 2 Club Championship Fours on a very windy afternoon. Gay Biggs, Helen Rees, (Substitute) Gay Thurlow, Karen Signor defeated Dorothy Stewart, Ellie Crompton, Shirley Edwards, Bev Feehan. Julie Lewis, Lisa Grice, Carol Dutkiewicz, Sue Beavan defeated Robyn Butcher, Bess Holloway, Paula Hancock, Rae Fayle. Sue Palmer, Carol Harris, Colleen Ashby, Jeanette Roberts defeated Anne O’Dwyer, Sue Morgan, Yvonne Huddleston, Noleen Taylor. Sonia Frey, Tricia Wheeler, Pat Weekes, Kim Giannasca defeated Pat Biddolph, Janet McKay, Fran Lucas, Jenny Blyth. Thanks to Umpire Judy Davis. Money club winner Sue Palmer.

Winners, Judy Munday, Kim Giannasca and Bev McKague