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Club Malua Bowls Report

What a fabulous day on Tuesday it almost felt like Spring was here. There were 30 social bowlers plus 7 Rinks of Club Championship Consistency. Gay Biggs defeated Tania Calder. Paula Hancock defeated Pat Bill. Robyn Butcher defeated Gayl Vidgen. Sue Beavan defeated Lyn Hardy. Noleen Taylor defeated Bev Feehan. Lisa Grice defeated Colleen Ashby. Sonia Frey defeated Kim Giannasca in a very close match 145 each going into last end. Social winners, Connie Anderson, Judy Davis and Helen Rees. Runners-up, Judy Munday, June Williams and Raija Johnston. No Jackpot Drawn, lucky number winners, 28, Julie Lewis, 10, Lynn Gowans . Money club, Noleen Taylor 36 , Val Dundas 23. Birthday wishes to Lyn Hardy and Sue Palmer. Other winning teams, Dorothy Stewart, Gay Thurlow and Bess Holloway. Ellen Evans, Marj O'Neill and Rae Fayle. Joan Fitzroy, Gwen Ware and Nancy White. Round 3 Consistency, Sue Beavan defeated Noleen Taylor. Paula Hancock defeated Robyn Butcher. Gay Biggs defeated Sonia Frey. Olga Geshwend defeated Lisa Grice . Thanks to Carol Dutkiewicz who umpired both Rounds also to Markers, there were some very close scores so well done to everyone. Great to have Carol Harris back on the green and looking fabulous. Welcome to new bowler Judy Munday sister-in-law of June Ryan who is also back bowling. Thursday, Semi Final of Consistency on another beautiful warm day. Gay Biggs 151 defeated Sue Beavan 149. Olga Geshwend 150 defeated Paula Hancock 130. Thanks to Umpire Robyn Butcher and markers on both matches, as well as spectators

Above: Club Malua Social winners , Helen Rees and Connie Anderson