Clr McGinlay slams seven week gap of no council meetings

The Bay Post reports, as a front page article, that Clr Pat McGinlay "has slammed a seven-week gap between Eurobodalla Shire meetings as "ridiculous" saying the shire was in "a critical period, with COVID-19 on top of bushfire recovery".

"It's coming close to the end of the financial year where we talk about the budget, rate increases, fee charge increases and the Mackay Park project," he said. "We should be meeting once a fortnight, rather than have this ridiculous seven-week gap." Rather than take on the technology that the rest of the world has embraced Eurobodalla Councillors have instead decided that the Covid period was a holiday from their roles. Even the Mayor took to auto-replying on her emails saying "I am taking some time away from the office until 15 May 2020. My emails will not be regularly monitored during this time." The Eurobodalla Council has not sat since April 7th and is not set to sit until May 26th. Following a desperate tourism summer, bushfires that ravaged the South East destroying Council property, assets and infrastructure and then Covid adding immeasurable consequences to the financial hardships of the region the Eurobodalla Councillors have deemed it best that they don't meet and will have failed to do so for seven weeks before their next meeting that is set to endorse a 2.6% increase in rates. Bega Council, by example has met all of its Council meeting obligations since January 1st adding two extraordinary meetings on as well recognising the important role it plays in the recovery process.

It is understood that Councillor McGinlay will seek to have Council return to their meeting calendar.

After being poorly treated and all but ignored at the last Council Zoom meeting as he attempted to call an Urgent Motion to reinstate normal Council meeting dates Councilor McGinlay will look to gain the support of his fellow councillors in getting back to work after a seven week Covid holiday.