Clr Anthony Mayne: Broulee – “we have a problem”

"When the entry to one of NSW South Coast's most iconic beaches is clear-felled, with the community blindsided, something is wrong. An urgent Motion put to Council last Tuesday to raise community concerns, did get a response: but too little, too late. Something is wrong if this is contemporary urban design; clear-felling to replace Bangalay Sand Forest with colourbond fencing. And to add insult to injury a recent effort by Council to sell a parcel of land alongside the development site was stopped when the Broulee Mossy Point Community Association reminded Council that the land was zoned community. How did council miss this? Unfortunately that community parcel is now ringfenced, which locks out the public from its own land. The unformed road that was to be incorporated into the community block has now also been mostly cleared.

Where was the community engagement? We all need a home. But how we design our neighbourhoods is significant. We need parks, bike paths, shade trees and walkways. We need much better urban design in a post-fire, climate challenged world. And we need much better community consultation. A local summarised the feelings when they shared that, “there is a mix of great anger, deep disappointment and hurt at the action by Council which will impact the relationship between Council and the community for the future”.

Time for a chat. Time to actively engage and find a way forward that respects our community, engages openly, and gives a lot more thought to urban design." Clr Anthony Mayne