Climate Solutions 4 Eurobodalla forum a major step ahead

Climate Solutions 4 Eurobodalla: Bringing practical solutions home was the topic at hand for the community who attended last Saturday's forum held at the Batemans Bay Community Centre In all there were one hundred attendees bringing a tremendous amount of passion and expertise to the room, from farmers to artists; building designers to doctors; electrical engineers to Councillors and Council staff. Eurobodalla Shire Councillors Anthony Mayne and Patrick McGinlay attended, as did Bega Valley Shire Councillor, and recent recipient of the Women’s Agenda Emerging Leader, Climate Action award, Jo Dodds. Participants were split into groups to propose climate solutions in ten key areas; electric + active transport; built environment + planning; cultural + purposeful burning; agriculture; local electricity generation; forests and biodiversity; health and emergency management; coastal management and marine habitat; and business, tourism and employment; and methane and gas.

Organisers told The Beagle: " "In the face of shocking climate-fuelled drought, fire, storm and now flood we are identifying the best actions we can take here in Eurobodalla and working to make them happen. "We’re a coalition of local organisations who believe the best and most effective actions to mitigate our risk from climate change are local, community led, passionate and practical. We are not aligned politically and come from climate, environment, business and health sectors." Workshop groups identified an extensive list of local climate solutions, both in mitigation and adaptation, from encouraging non-car transport through a network of shared paths and with lowered speed zones; to educating builders and residents about sustainable home construction; and promoting green tourism in the Eurobodalla.

Organisers said: "Many of these actions come under the direct remit of the Council. For others, Council can support indirectly or advocate for at state and federal level." Following the very successful forum Climate Solutions 4 Eurobodalla will take the lead in ensuring that candidates’ responses to the actions are collected and circulated ahead of the election to allow voters to choose representatives who align with their values on the key issues identified. Community-led project ideas will also be taken forward by participants and organising groups, independent of Council.

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