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Charity Project Delivers to Fire Decimated COBARGO

This week will see a new engineer certified, suitable for council compliant, home will be presented to a local family who have fostered over 400 children over the last 10 years and who currently have five children in their care. To ensure the children are not displaced again, and in recognition of the family’s deep contribution to their community, including defending community buildings while their own home burnt down, a rapid home solution has been manufactured and will be installed. Volunteers and businesses have banded together, led by a not for profit charity “Picking up the Peaces” and philanthropic social media community “Convoy Missions Australia”, to develop and deploy Operation Hope & Dignity which aims to deliver over 1000 homes to fire affected families quickly. A spokesperson for Convoy Missions Australia told The Beagle "An ambitious project, but Operation Hope & Dignity can be achieved if Government and Industry partner sufficiently. Manufactured by many businesses, the houses will be fire rated, insulated, and aligned to client and council requirements." "As Operation Hope & Dignity matures, additional focus will be placed on site preparation for fire safety to enable optional permanency, affordable insurance and viable suitability for mortgage readiness. In short, a place where each family can once again call home and offer a foundation for family future." "Everybody working on Operation Hope & Dignity is very excited to announce that the first home is scheduled to be delivered on site at Cobargo at midday on Wednesday March 11, 2020." The first home was custom built in seven days by AJC Portables in Queanbeyan, NSW and at a substantial discount, as is AJC’s generous policy for bushfire affected victims. You can check out the full range of goods manufactured by Andrew and his talented team at www.ajcportables.com.au.

Operation Hope & Dignity has been established to reset the futures of people, communities and businesses in the aftermath of Australia’s recent bush fires. The program seeks to address the foundation physical requirements for fire affected people and to mental, education and assistance. The dedicated team responsible for rolling out Operation Hope and Dignity hail from a myriad of backgrounds including former members of the Australian Defence Forces and Australian Federal Police, and leaders of small and large business. Mental Health support services have been supplied to several communities. The fully accredited Counsellors from “Picking up the Peaces” are committed to raising awareness about the detrimental effects of stigma and the signs and symptoms of PTSD. They are proving that by seeking intervention early, sufferers and their families can regain some functionality and an improved quality of life. Mr Glen Toscan, a Director of “Picking up the Peaces”, believes the outcomes of Operation Hope and Dignity will take at least 2 years to complete. Operation Hope and Dignity was established in January 2020 and has been assisting people in the South Coast / Eurobodalla regions of NSW. The operation is garnering support from all areas of society and will make a difference to the lives of many people affected by the devastating fires of 2019 / 2020.