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Caution: Scammers are still out there

Scammers are using the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) to take advantage of people across Australia. About COVID-19 scams

Scamwatch has received over 5170 scam reports mentioning the coronavirus with over $6 280 000 in reported losses since the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Common scams include phishing for personal information, online shopping, and superannuation scams.

If you have been scammed or have seen a scam, you can make a report on the Scamwatch website, and find more information about where to get help.

Scamwatch urges everyone to be cautious and remain alert to coronavirus-related scams. Scammers are hoping that you have let your guard down. Do not provide your personal, banking or superannuation details to strangers who have approached you.

Scammers may pretend to have a connection with you. So it’s important to stop and check, even when you are approached by what you think is a trusted organisation.

Visit the Scamwatch news webpage for general warnings and media releases on COVID-19 scams.

There are some examples HERE of what to look out for. These are a few examples, but there are many more. If your experience does not match any of the examples provided, it could still be a scam. If you have any doubts at all, don’t proceed.

More information from the official ACCC Scamwatch website HERE: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/