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Can your Hydrant be found in an emergency?

A message from local Bush Fire Brigades:

Most fire trucks in NSW only carry enough water to make an initial fire attack. Locating a water supply for our fire fighting efforts is one of our first priorities. While we may use a pool or water tank or other static supply, we also use fire hydrants that provide water from the street water supply.

We sometimes find that residents have laid turf or dirt over the top of hydrants at the front of their house, or a car, trailer or caravan is parked on top of the hydrant.

By looking after the hydrant near your home you are helping fire fighters in a fire emergency. There is a chance that fire fighters may be locating a hydrant to save your neighbours, or in fact your own home.

The photo below is an example of a cast iron hydrant cover that could be out the front of your home or your neighbours.

There’s also some information about the types of markings we use to locate fire hydrants.

Help us help you. If you have a hydrant in the front nature strip of your home, please ensure the immediate area around it is clear.