Busy Hands for Eurobodalla Photographers.

Busy Hands was the set subject for the Eurobodalla Photographic Club October competition. Twenty three entries covered a variety of interpretations on the theme, from artistic hands, to cooks hands, with many taken in exotic places

Our thanks to Mick Newnham a member of our club for a great job critiquing and judging the entries.

Results for October competition.



  • Quick Draw – Dave Kemp

  • The Apprentice – Ric Bannister

  • Wood Turner - Shirley Gunter


  • Clean Hands - Karen Reisima

  • Play’n Ragtime Songs – Daniel Bateman

  • The Guitarist – Brian Gunter

  • The Smithy – Brian Gunter

  • The Wood Carver – Ric Bannister



  • Busy Lunchtime, Zanzibar – Yvonne Matthews


  • How Many Hands – Sue Hartland


  • Busy Lunchtime, Zanzibar – Yvonne Matthews

Following the display and judging of competition images, Robyn Isaacson presented a series of images taken during a transit through the Panama Canal as part of a world cruise. Robyn's photos covered the journey from the Atlantic bridge though to the Pacific ocean a distance of 45 miles over ten hours. Fascinating images explaining the technical operation to keep the ship centered in the canal as in navigated six locks raising the ship 85 meters before descending back to sea level.

To finish the night Colin Pass presented a series of images and led an interesting discussion as to what qualifies as a “Landscape photograph”. Colin referred to a recent controversy in a major national competition that saw results withdrawn because images were not considered to be a “Landscape” as specified in the competition rules.

Our final meeting of the year will be held at Tomakin community centre 24th November 7.00 pm

Visitors are welcome but with covid 19 restrictions still in place, must register first by email to eurobodallaphotographicclub@gmail.com.

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