Bushfire Stories, Black Summer 2019-20

New Years Day 2020, a day many people living in the Bay area will never forget. Although the bushfires raged around the South Coast for many weeks, on that day the fires had an impact on our community, which is still felt today.

There was a letter in the Sydney Morning Herald saying that people in dire circumstances needed to tell their stories. Many did.

Margaret Stratton a Northern Illawarra U3A member decided to use the U3A network to collect those stories from South Coast residents. With the help of money sent by a U3A friend in New Zealand, Margaret collated and published 20 stories in a book

" Bushfire Stories, Black Summer 2019-20 "

The authors of the stories, many from the BatemansBay area, give their own experience and perspective of those terrifying days.

From a narrow escape in Rosedale to a letter to a grand daughter in Canada. From a fire fighters story to a reflection one year after the fires. Also included is a poem by the Reverend Ken Foster called " Surrounded by Fire"

The book launch, organised by Ms Penny Bonnell, to a Covid friendly full house, was recently held at BanksiaVillage in Broulee. Several authors spoke and added to their written stories.

Batemans Bay U3A was living up to it's reputation by providing afterwards a scrumptious afternoon tea.

The book is available for purchase and cost $ 20 plus $5 for postage.

Contact Margaret : maggistraton@hotmail.com

From L to R : Authors Geraldine Schirmer and Rev Ken Foster, publishers Margaret Stratton and Cath Philps.