Brouleee Runners Wed 31st July 2019

Broulee Runners had an International flavour this evening with the visit of Simon Eccles and his daughter Phoebe from England. We also welcomed Alice James and Mitch Van Der Meulen to their first run.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Lachlan, Willow and Brenton Cole, Audrey Knobel and Lorraine Jackson. Lorraine has a lot of history with the event as her husband Peter and daughter Sharee were at the first event held on 7 February 2007. Now her two grandsons Dylan and Finn Holmes are regular starters.

In the 3.5 kilometres Michael Lambert improved and in the 5 kilometres the improvers were Dylan Van Der Meulen, Will Rosner and Angus Murphy. Dylan cracked the 20 minutes mark and is now on the honour board of these achievers.

The star of the night was Angus Murphy, who was awarded his thirty-run shirt and to celebrate he ran a personal best time in the 5 kilometres.

Above: Angus Murphy with his 30-run shirt and... Below are the international visitors; the Eccles family of Phoebe and Simon.

2 Kilometres

Justin Murphy 8.20 Rosie McPartland 9.32 Audrey Knobel 9.46 Jordan Hatcher 10.17 Emily Dickinson 12.08 Bruce Dickinson 12.08 Charley Proksch 12.53 Lachlan Cole 12.54 Brenton Cole 12.58 Millie Shanahan 13.06 Evelyn Johnston 13.21 Andrea Scroop 13.22 Jade Berry 14.11 Lorraine Jackson 15.04 Alice James 15.09 John Hicks 15.10 Ebony Berry 16.07 Jacquie Berry 16.07 Leo Proksch 18.22 Christian Proksch 18.23 Jo Pollock 20.03 Alice Cole 20.04 Willow Cole 20.07 Christina Murray 22.49 Robyn Domeny 22.50 Jenny Pollock 22.50

3.5 Kilometres

Dylan Holmes 18.17 Finn Holmes 18.23 Regina Knobel 18.41 Bernie Lambert 19.08 Michael Lambert 19.33 Julianne Domeny 21.37 Yma Carnall 22.14 Vicki Whitter 22.30 Gary Ashton 22.30 Annie Johnsen 23.14 Robyn Kennedy 25.58 David McCann 28.20 Peter Johnsen 33.43 Kathryn Jeffery 34.04

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.18 Dylan Van Der Meulen 19.54 Daniel Beby 19.59 Will Rosner 20.22 Matt Lambert 20.32 Chris Garcia 20.43 Bede Webster 20.59 Harrison Gilligan 21.30 Angus Murphy 21.55 Garran Carnall 23.00 Anthony Miles 23.54 Andrew McPherson 23.59 Mitch Van Der Meulen 24.48 Jerom Stocks 24.58 Jason Domeny 24.58 Brock Gilligan 26.20 Julie De Ernsted 26.29 Phoebe Eccles 27.09 Simon Eccles 29.50

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png