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Broulee Runners Wednesday Sept 25th 2019

Two weeks to go before we move to summer time of 5pm. Regardless the warmer weather is attracting larger numbers to the run with 60 starters this evening. We welcomed Mary Woodford, Carole Ashton and Andrew Edenborough to their first run with the group.

In the 2 kilometres, personal best times were recorded by Max and Kaleigh Kidd, Betty Davis and Samantha Webster. In the 3.5 kilometres a PB was recorded by Aaron Dunn. In the 5 kilometres PBs were achieved by Matt Edenborough, Alan Andrews, Mary Anderson and Jonathon Feneley.

2 Kilometres

Taylor Traecey 7.58 Max Kidd 9.11 Liliana Murphy 9.16 Angus Murphy 9.18 Isabella Lopresti 9.34 Freya Dunn 9.59 Betty Davis 10.27 Samantha Webster10.30 Kaleigh Kidd 10.59 Erynn Carter 11.20 Laura Lopresti 11.46 Travis Dummett 12.11 Sadie Dunn 12.35 Kirsty Dunn 12.36 Evelyn Johnston 13.04 Andrea Scroop 13.04 Charley Proksch 14.28 Christian Proksch 14.28 Emily Dickinson 14.32 Erin Domeny 16.14 Mary Woodford 17.37 Summer McGeachy 17.38 Suzie Pettit 21.13 Morgan Pettit 21.14 Leo Proksch 21.42 Jo Pollock 21.44 Robyn Domeny 22.40 Darryl Brierley 22.40

3.5 Kilometres

Aaron Dunn 17.04 Steve Phipps 20.45 Bruce Dickinson 21.08 Vicki Whitter 23.05 Carole Ashton 26.07 Kim Young 26.12 Gary Ashton 26.13 David McCann 28.13 Richard Fisher 30.06

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 18.28 Andrew Edenborough 18.34 Travis McGeachy 20.50 Bede Webster 21.17 Alan Andrews 21.04 Matt Lambert 21.33 Andrew McPherson 22.30 James Reilly 23.46 Jason Domeny 24.17 Justin Murphy 25.11 Mary Anderson 26.02 David Connaughton 26.20 Max Hadley 26.27 Julie Davis 26.56 Prue Bartlett 27.02 Deb Connaughton 27.38 Julie De Ernsted 28.03 Anthony Miles 28.04 Andrew Greenway 28.11 Jonathon Feneley 28.48 Andrea Cantle 28.49 Julianne Domeny 31.46 Rob Ryan 32.32

The ultra-marathon men 10 days after their 100 kilometre run through all the high spots of Canberra. Morgan Pettit with his medal and Anthony Miles.

The young talent ready to take on the course.


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