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Broulee Runners Wednesday January 11th 2023

For health and safety reasons we moved to the new course on 27 April 2022. Although there has been some disappointment about not having a 5-Kilometres course there has been general agreement with the new courses. One of the results it has given the good runners an opportunity to excel and those with prams to participate safely.

The times over the three distances have been outstanding and it is a good opportunity to list the record holders and their times for others to measure themselves:

Women 2-kilometres Lilly McIntosh 8.37 3-kilometres Lilly McIntosh 13.36 4-kilometres Tess Aungles 15.07 Men 2-kilometres Will Trevaskis 7.56 3-kilometres Tino Lopresti 12.21 4-kilometres John Maguire 12.22

It is timely to announce a new record holder in the men 3-kilometre with Jack Field, a visitor from Melbourne, who had his first run this evening, reducing the record by 48 seconds. Well done, Jack!

In the 2-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Lewis Gunn, Andrew Greenway, and Ciara Ciahill. In the 3-kilometres PBs were recorded by Tegan Carton, Chloe Tangney, and Peta Virgo. In the 5-kilometres PBs were recorded by Geoff Hawke, Erin Drewson, Aislinn Scahill, Niamh Scahill, and John Scahill. It was a great day for the Irish!!!!!

2 Kilometres

James Gunn 9.17 Lewis Gunn 9.26 Hudson Roisenbaun 10.24 Andrew Greenway 10.46 Benji Mackay 11.10 Ciara Scahill 11.33 Isabelle Chalker 11.54 Charlotte Cannon 12.00 Julianne Domeny 12.29 Tiarnie Haridemos 12.36 John Lightfoot 14.00 Erica Drewson 15.32 Sue Caldwell 15.33 Evelyne Carton 16.35 Lily Williams 17.24 Alfie Mackay 17.33 Neil Mackay 17.34 Otis Remling 17.37 Aaron Atteridge 17.38 Luen Williams 18.19 Erin Patrick 18.20 David McCann 18.30 Mackenzie Holland 22.37 Emma Holland 22.38 Lisa Robbins 23.24 Genevieve Holland 23.25

3 Kilometres

Jack Field 11.33 Ollie Cannon 14.08 Robert Edenborough 15.55 Tegan Carton 16.58 Chloe Tangney 16.59 Jenny Taylor 17.17 Tammy Oldridge 18.25 Harry Field 19.50 Peta Virgo 20.22 Jeff Cannon 36.54 Jaci Webb 36.54

4 Kilometres

Joe Edenborough 16.07 Matt Edenborough 16.08 Paige Connaughton 16.46 Tony Mahar 16.54 Geoff Hawke 17.06 Andrew McPherson 17.07 Isla Quick 17.59 Erin Drewson 18.00 Andrew Grant 18.07 Dave Connaughton 18.51 Jackie Snowball 19.27 Aislinn Scahill 20.45 Deb Connaughton 21.22 Niamh Scahill 21.33 John Scahill 21.37 Gen Cornes 21.39 Anthony Snowball 22.01 James Gold 22.32 Mark Nolan 22.58 Steve Phipps 23.48 Robyn Edenborough 24.07 Jonathon Bromley 24.28 Edward Bromley 24.29 Karen Harding Smith 24.58 Giselle Field 26.01 Isabelle Cannon 26.04 Richard Fisher 41.16


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