Broulee Runners Wednesday 21st Aug 2019

Wednesday’s Broulee runners saw 52 starters in ideal conditions despite the weather forecast predicting gale force winds. The star of the night was Andrew Greenway, who completed his 30th run and received his shirt to celebrate the occasion. He has shown good form in the 2 and 3.5 kilometres and tonight he tackled the 5 kilometres for the first time and cracked the 30-minute barrier, which is an excellent achievement.

We welcomed Imogen Seidel to her first run with the group. She joins Stephen, Caitlin and Maddy to complete the quadruple of talented family.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Travis Dummett, Marcus Richards, Billie Booker and Willow Cole. In the 3.5 kilometres the improver was Tiffany Johnston.

We welcomed back Lisa Robbins, who produced a copy of the Cape York News with a picture of her competing in the Weipa parkrun proudly wearing her Broulee runner’s shirt. In typical country hospitality she and husband Gary were warmly welcomed by that community.

Above: Andrew  Greenway with his 30-run shirt and all the young talent lining up at the start.

2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.23 Jordan Hatcher 9.45 Mat Hatcher 9.46 Sophia Carver 10.08 Max Richards 11.39 Travis Dummett 11.39 Marcus Richards 11.48 Charley Proksch 13.17 Christian Proksch 13.18 Lachlan Cole 13.27 Rocco Lopresti 13.51 Maddy Seidel 13.53 Imogen Seidel 13.55 Laura Lopresti 14.00 Billie Booker 14.23 David McCann 14.35 Emersyn Carver 14.58 Scott Carver 14.59 Emily Dickinson 16.20 James Dickinson 16.21 Willow Cole 17.15 Lorraine Jackson 17.15 Alice Cole 17.16 Margaret Dickinson 17.32 Bruce Dickinson 17.32 Kathryn Jeffery 18.56 Aiden Johnston 19.57 Kat Johnston 19.57

3.5 Kilometres

Dylan Holmes 18.57 Isabella Lopresti 19.55 Tiffany Johnston 20.34 Robyn Kennedy 25.18 Mike Kennedy 26.48 Richard Fisher 32.41

5 Kilometres

Matt Edenborough 19.00 Harrison Gilligan 22.32 Daniel Beby 22.41 Will Rosner 23.10 Andrew McPherson 23.12 Taylor Traecey 24.12 Stephen Seidel 26.00 Prue Bartlett 26.24 Caitlin Seidel 26.25 Garran Carnall 26.40 Anthony Miles 26.42 Yma Carnall 26.47 Julie De Ernsted 26.49 Mary Anderson 26.56 Andrew Greenway 29.50 Julianne Domeny 32.48 Tracy Denning 35.16 Lisa Robbins 35.16

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png