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Broulee Runners Wed Oct 7th 2020

Day light saving is with us and we are one week away from getting together as a social distancing group to run a 5-kilometre event from the Mossy Point Anchor.  After more than six months 5pm on 14 October will be significant in the life of the Broulee Runners.  We started back on 7 February 2007 with only a 5-kilometre run with 8 starters and it was not until 10 September 2008 that the 3.5-kilometre event was introduced.  Then on the 29 September 2010 the successful 2-kilometre distance was used.  We all hope that it will not take that long to have us all back together.

People will be able to run or walk the 5-kilometres and there is no time limit if you finish in the light.  You are encouraged to test yourself over this distance.

People can still time a run over any of the 3 distances at a convenient time and location for you and have it recorded.

The champion of the week is Kim Young despite having Chemo and radiotherapy to attack her lymphoma, she is keen to get back on the track again.  Having come to the realisation that her running career is over for the foreseeable future and intends to become a brisk walker.  Kim has been a great exponent and supporter of fitness, having been a triathlete and fitness trainer.  She wants to see people participate by walking or running and not to be embarrassed about holding people up.  Her message is to come and walk the Broulee event and/or the Batemans Bay Park Run when it gets started again.

Above: Kim Young

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres

Roz Hayward 20.13

Victoria Fleming 2015

3.5 Kilometres

Caroline Booth 26.56

Paul Searson 31.00

Bede Webster 31.31

5 Kilometres

Geordie Cox 19.07

Matt Lambert 19.26

Josh Connaughton 19.55

Dave Connaughton 25.35

Paige Connaughton 25.54

Deb Connaughton 27.36

Tracy Denning 34.03

Tom Lowe 34.15

Lisa Robbins 34.20

Simon Wall 34.25

Nev Madden 34.25

Jill Brown 34.51

Mike Kennedy 38.49

18 Results