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Broulee Runners Wed March 17th 2021

Wet conditions brought out the real runners this evening with 15 to front the starter and 11 virtual runners were able to select better conditions during the day. Daisy and Sunni West recorded excellent personal best times. Sunni’s time in the wet muddy conditions saw him improve by 4 minutes and 28 seconds in the 5-kilometres.

Broulee Runners showed their class in feature events last Sunday. Matt Lambert took on the might of Canberra distance runners in the Western Creek Half Marathon (21 kilometres) and finished in a time of 95.32 and placed 47th in a field of 156 runners. Tori Henig showed her toughness by tackling the Six Foot Track mountain run.

The Six Foot Track is a 45 kilometres trail stretching across the Blue Mountains near Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves. The course varies from rocky and sandy track over big hills and deep rivers. She admits this was a true test of mind and body and is not certain if she could repeat the challenge again.

Above: Matt Lambert (half marathon) and Tori Hennig (6 Foot Track).

2 Kilometres

Daisy West 10.08

David McCann 15.20

David West 19.46

Victoria Fleming 19.53

3.5 Kilometres

Paul Searson 24.17

5 Kilometres

Lauren Evans 2025

Matt Lambert 20.53

Sunni West 24.05

Andrew McPherson 24.06

Gary Ashton 24.40

Michael Lambert 26.40

Paige Connaughton 26.43

Dave Connaughton 26.49

Deb Connaughton 26.58

Simon Wall 26.55

Greg Castle 27.06

Bernie lambert 27.13

Zoe Whymark 27.39

Andrew Greenway 29.56

Lisa Robbins 32.22

Tori Hennig 32.23

Rob Ryan 33.23

Mike Kennedy 39.04

John Lightfoot 39.35

Annie Johnsen 39.36

Robyn Kennedy 49.47