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Broulee Runners Wed March 11th 2020

Excellent Conditions attracted 54 starters to this evening’s run. We welcomed Mark Barraclough to his first run with the group. We were pleased to see Greg McDonald make an appearance after an absence of three years. Greg and family were severely impacted by the bushfires and it was great to see him back with the runners. He managed to run a smart time in the 5 kilometres.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were run by Poppy Mitchell, Alexis Caver, Lucinda Mitchell Eve and Clare Knight. In the 3.5 kilometres Jen Newman recorded a PB.

It was a great night for the Domeny family with Erin recording her 100th run. It was especially good for her grandmother Robyn Domeny, who was awarded her 30-run shirt. This is typical of the event in that Robyn came along to support the family and eventually thought that she would give it a go and she has now achieved this important milestone.

Above: the Domeny family. In the middle is gran Robyn flanked by Jason and Julianne. The grand daughters Erin and Amber. 2 Kilometres Taylor Traecey 7.29 Poppy Mitchell 7.53 Tino Lopresti 9.08 Alexis Carver 9.24 Sophia Carver 9.33 Lucy Bain 9.38 Justin Murphy 10.36 Laura Lopresti 11.15 Jye Barbara 12.42 Donni Gonzalez 14.10 Alice James 14.25 John Hicks 14.36 Lucinda Mitchell 14.50 Michelle Mitchell 14.51 Nina McPherson 14.52 Ali Gonzalez 15.54 Eve Knight 15.19 Clare Knight 15.20 Pauline Hicks 15.22 Helen Okey 16.51 Emerson Carver 17.35 Jason Domeny 17.36 Taryn Carver 17.42 Nancy Costin 18.35 Nathan Costin 18.35 Victoria Fleming 19.20 Erin Domeny 25.34 Robyn Domeny 25.35 3.5 Kilometres Ross Wilson 18.03 Phil Timms 18.06 Bruce Dickinson 20.57 Julianne Domeny 22.46 Caroline Booth 23.34 Mark Barraclough 24.05 Annie Johnsen 25.13 Phil Turner 27.12 Jen Newman 28.04 David McCann 28.26 Richard Fisher 31.29 5 Kilometres Matt Johnsen 19.54 Matt Lambert 21.10 Scott Carver 21.29 Angus Murphy 23.44 Greg McDonald 24.57 James Reilly 25.08 Dave Connaughton 25.33 Andrew McPherson 26.17 Gary Ashton 26.18 Prue Bartlett 26.22 Steve Seidel 27.31 Deb Connaughton 29.03 Jonathan Feneley 29.08 Andrea Cantle 29.09 Andrew Greenway 29.28


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