Broulee Runners Wed January 27th 2021

This evening we had 28 actual runners and 8 virtual runners. We welcomed Neve Lenehan, Judy Hansen, Emma Corcoran, and Lily Hogan to their first run with the group,

The cooler conditions made for better running conditions and accordingly there were 6 personal best times. Lyn Rummery improved in the 3.5 kilometres. In the 5 kilometres personal best times were achieved by Max Hadley, Zoe Whymark, Bernie Lambert, Patrick O’Leary, and Nicole Mills.

This evening we celebrated Bede Webster’s 100th run. His first run with the group was on 21 February 2018, his time then was 22.45 for the 5 kilometres. His current best time is 20.16 and he is keen to get this below 20 minutes. While others spend hundreds of dollars on the latest running shoes, his only expense is on a cake of soap as he runs the course in bare feet.

The results this week are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Richard Fisher 17.39

Victoria Fleming 21.03

Roz Hayward 21.05

3.5 Kilometres

Judy Jensen 22.56

Neve Lenehan 23.44

Lyn Rummery 24.15

Fiona Fraser 25.34

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 19.09

Dave Hosking 20.12

Lauren Evans 20.34

Matt Lambert 20.39

Bede Webster 22.01

Ellen Hosking 22.26

Max Hadley 22.28

Zoe Whymark 23.08

Geoff Hawke 23.09

Andrew McPherson 23.44

Angus Murphy 24.05

Dave Connaughton 24.45

James Reilly 25.33

Caitlin Seidel 25.34

Bernie Lambert 25.49

Stephen Seidel 26.03

Patrick O’Leary 26.08

Deb Connaughton 27.24

Andrew Greenway 29.23

Gillian Stapleton 29.30

Nicole Mills 29.57

Emma Corcoran 30.19

Lily Hogan 30.26

Skye Wildman 33.22

Simon Wall 35.14

Annie Johnsen 39.38

Michael Kennedy 40.30

David McCann 44.00

Robyn Kennedy 45.18

36 results