Broulee Runners Wed February 17th 2021

The Broulee Runners is about people of all ages and proficiency coming together to exercise and make new friends. We have elite athletes like Daniel Baby of Hawaiian Ironman fame and Daniel Lloyd-Jones Australian representative in world Sprint Triathlon Championships. There are more senior competitors like David McCann with 282 runs and Annie Johnsen with 175 runs over the three distances and we have young stars like 5-year-old Jye Barbara with 30-runs in the 2 kilometres.

During Covid restrictions we welcomed virtual runners and walkers to send times over any of the three distances completed at any location so that they can keep their interest in the event. One day in the future we will all be able to come together. It is hoped that this will be on 7 April this year with the celebration of our 700th run.

This evening we had 24 actual runners and 7 virtual runners. Person best times were recorded by Tino Lopresti, Lachlan Dally and Greg Castle.

Above: David McCann, who after two knee replacement still manages to


The results of this week’s event are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Jon Camilleri 8.59 Milly Shanahan 12.00 Nancy Costin 15.20 Nathan Costin 15.21 Ros Hayward 20.12 Victoria Fleming 20.13 Aiden Johnston 21.20 David West 21.25 Maureen Searson 21.30

3.5 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 16.39 Sunni West 18.23 Paul Searson 23.37

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 18.30 Lauren Evans 20.29 David Bain 20.34 Lachlan Dally 23.20 Dave Connaughton 24.38 Paige Connaughton 26.05 Stephen Seidel 26.26 Andrew McPherson 26.29 Deb Connaughton 27.16 Tori Hennig 27.18 Greg Castle 26.41 Jason Domeny 28.53 Anna Weissel 31.32 Andrew Greenway 33.40 Lisa Robbins 34.30 Julianne Domeny 35.13 John Lightfoot 38.53 Mike Kennedy 43.38 David McCann 45.08

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png