Broulee Runners Wed Dec 9th 2020

This evening we had 33 results presented and there were 3 personal best times. Tino Lopresti once again impressed with an excellent time in the 3.5 kilometres with an improvement of 10 seconds. Max Hadley and Bernie Lambert both improved by 11 seconds in the 5 kilometres. Victor Violante, in his first run with the group in the 5 kilometres recorded an outstanding time of 19.35. His family consisting of Alex, Charlotte and Sebastian submitted times in 2 kilometres.

The stars of the night were Nev Madden and Morgan Pettit. Nev has recorded 200 runs and Morgan 100 runs. Both carrying injuries managed the 2 kilometres distance. The stewards granted this special dispensation because of their long service.

Nev first run was on 10 September 2008 and he was a major contributor in keeping the run going when numbers were extremely low, and it looked like petering out. He has been instrumental in fostering distance running in the district by organising a Sunday running group. He has also assisted in parkrun and in little athletes. He is well respected in the running scene both in Canberra and in the coast.

Morgan had his first run in February 2017 and since that time he has competed in marathons and ultra-mountain distance events. The century men. Nev in the red and Morgan in the Blue.

2 Kilometres

Alex Violante 13.13 Charlotte Violante 16.13 Sebastian Violante 16.17 Roz Hayward 20.42 Victoria Fleming 20.45 Nev Madden 21.03 Morgan Pettit 21.04

3.5 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 16.44 Jill Brown 23.01

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 18.51 Tom Hofsteede 19.34 Victor Violante 19.35 Matt Johnsen 19.53 Matt Lambert 20.08 Bede Webster 22.44 Max Hadley 23.34 Christian Proksch 23.56 Dave Connaughton 24.39 Andrew McPherson 25.29 Paige Connaughton 26.13 Bernie Lambert 26.40 Deb Connaughton 27.36 Jason Domeny 27.55 Michael Lambert 28.53 Stephen Seidel 28.40 Julie De Ernsted 28.59 Julian Antoniak 28.59 Ross Wilson 29.09 Steve Phipps 29.10 Andrew Greenway 32.05 Mike Kennedy 39.42 Annie Johnsen 39.57 Robyn Kennedy 45.22