Broulee Runners Wed Aug 3rd 2022



Two days on from the horses’ birthday and the day after the Moruya Races, it is appropriate that all the athletes young and old could join in the fun and test themselves over the Broulee Runners racecourse.

Out of field of 19 actual starters the first to greet the judges was Will Smith, who was keen to show his mother Karen a clean pair of heels. There were very impressive PBs by Carissa and Janelle Morgan in the 2-kilometres and Julianne Domeny again improved her time over this distance. Darren Drewsen recorded a personal best in the 4 kilometres. He showed courage to push through the pain barrier with an injured knee.

The star of the night was Karen Harding- Smith who notched up her 30th run. Karen commenced on 1 September 2021. She has embraced distance running and has competed over longer distances.

Karen Harding-Smith with son Will. Karen is wearing her 30-run shirt.

2 Kilometres

Emily Tugwell 11.43

Will Smith 11.46

Karen Harding-Smith 11.48

Julianne Domeny 12.24

Charley Proksch 12.36

Christian Proksch 12.37

Nina McPherson 14.14

Andrew McPherson 14.15

Carissa Morgan 18.53

Janelle Morgan 18.54

Jo Pollock 23.25

Leo Proksch 23.42

3 Kilometres

Andrew Greenway 19.27

Julie Amphlett 21.13

David McCann 25.16

Richard Fisher 32.35

4 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 16.26

Paige Connaughton 17.21

Steven Seidel 19.54

Erin Drewsen 20.22

Darren Drewsen 20.38

Jenny Taylor 22.31

Deb Connaughton 22.32

Dave Connaughton 22.34

Michael Lambert 24.20

Simon Wall 28.35

Bernie Lambert 37.50