Broulee Runners Wed 25th Nov 2020

This week’s event attracted 35 competitors with 16 virtual runners timing themselves over one of the 3 distances. Strong winds confronted the 19 actual runners in todays run over 5 kilometres. It is outstanding to see young boys Tino Lopresti, Selby Johnston and Will Corkin tackle this distance. It was Will’s first attempt, and he ran strongly. Tino managed a top 5 place against very experienced runners, for a 11-year-old he shows outstanding promise.

Personal best times were hard to come by in the conditions nevertheless Bernie Lambert, Richard Scholes, and Tori Hennig managed to improve. Tori backed up strongly after competing in the Stromlo Running Festival in Canberra last weekend over 30 kilometres and where she finished a creditable 3rd in her age group.

2 Kilometres

Richard Fisher 17.59 Maureen Searson 20.20 Roz Hayward 20.32 Victoria Fleming 20.45 Aiden Johnston 22.47

3.5 Kilometres

Paul Searson 24.05 David McCann 29.35

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.33 Matt Lambert 20.30 Matt Johnsen 21.41 Loren Chambers 23.30 Bede Webster 23.51 Tino Lopresti 23.54 Gary Ashton 24.32 James Reilly 24.53 Selby Johnston 25.45 Paige Connaughton 25.46 Andrew McPherson 25.48 Prue Bartlett 26.21 Stephen Seidel 26.40 Michael Lambert 26.41 Bernie Lambert 26.51 Richard Scholes 27.47 Deb Connaughton 28.30 Dave Connaughton 28.33 Jason Domeny 28.55 Eliza Milenkovic 28.59 Tori Hennig 29.12 Andrew Greenway 30.29 Nev Madden 31.54 Jill Brown 34.32 Simon Wall 34.55 Will Corkin 35.02 Annie Johnsen 40.52 Mike Kennedy 41.23 Robyn Kennedy 45.12