Broulee Runners Wed 25th Feb 2021

This evening there were 18 actual runners who braved the colder conditions. Also, we were fortunate to have 12 virtual runners record times. We welcomed Crystal Aitken from Moruya to her first run with the group. She did a creditable time of 26.25 for the 5 kilometres and with her strong background it is certain that she will make a rapid improvement. Warren Smith from Canberra made his first appearance as did Norman Lenehan who tested himself against Zoe Whymark in a virtual run. Greg Castle improved his 5 kilometres time by one second. And Maddy Seidel completed her first 5-kilometres. She is the 4th member of the family to have performed over this distance.

Above: Congratulations to our volunteers, who managed the event. They are Lisa Robbins, Robyn Kennedy, Victoria Fleming, and David McCann.(L to R) The results of this week’s event are as follows: 2 Kilometres Nancy Costin 18.54 Nathan Costin 18.56 Victoria Fleming 21.25 3.5 Kilometres Caitlin Seidel 17.52 David McCann 29.40 5 Kilometres Matt Lambert 21.15 James Reilly 23.35 Angus Murphy 23.52 Tino Lopresti 24.06 Gary Ashton 24.10 Stephen Seidel 25.49 Crystal Aitken 26.25 Paige Connaughton 26.33 Greg Castle 26.40 Jason Domeny 27.52 Deb Connaughton 28.33 Dave Connaughton 28.35 Zoe Whymark 28.54 Norman Lenehan 28.54 Gill Stapleton 29.26 Michael Lambert 30.10 Warren Smith 31.19 Rob Ryan 32.06 Lisa Robbins 33.08 Simon Wall 33.18 Julianne Domeny 33.20 John Lightfoot 35.24 Maddy Seidel 35.58 Bernie Lambert 36.00 Annie Johnsen 41.51