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Broulee Runners Wed 20th Nov

Strong winds and cooler temperatures were no challenge to the 55 starters in this evening’s run as there were 9 personal best times.

In the 2 kilometres PBs were recorded by Lucy Bain, Amelia Pike and Mabel Ladmore. In the 3.5 kilometres PBs were recorded by Bruce Dickinson, Belinda Bain and Stella Lloyd-Jones. In the 5 kilometres PBs were recorded by Max Hadley, Lyndon O’Grady and Jonathon Feneley. Both Lyndon and Jonathon are visitors and have enjoyed the run previously.

Tonight, we farewelled Alan Andrews, who has been with us for some weeks and now he is returning to North Queensland.

Matt Lambert, Matt Johnsen, Louise Cox will all be competing in the Canberra Mt Stromlo running festival this coming weekend and they are sure to impress.

Above: Keen for the start

2 Kilometres

Lucy Bain 9.23 Amelia Pike 9.38 Mabel Ladmore 9.57 Isabella Fleming 9.58 Nathan Ladmore 11.48 Annie Johnsen 11.56 Audrey Knobel 12.16 Emerson Carver 15.55 Scott Carver 15.56 Louise Cox 16.25 Ken Cox 16.33 Ruby Connor 17.50 Caitlin Seidel 17.51 Hugo Ireson 18.25 Anna Marley 18.26 Lotte Knobel 19.08 Anthony Knobel 19.09 Kathryn Jeffery 19.34 Roz Hayward 20.50 Ross Hayward 20.51 Aiden Johnston 24.46 Kat Johnston 24.49

3.5 Kilometres

Adrian Connor 16.48 Taylor Traecey 17.05 Bernadine Lambert 17.53 Regina Knobel 19.26 Bruce Dickinson 20.02 Belinda Bain 21.20 Julianne Domeny 21.28 Freya Dunn 22.08 Tom Ireson 22.13 Stella Lloyd-Jones 22.47 Dan Lloyd-Jones 22.48 Chris Gunn 24.52 Richard Fisher 29.58 Imogen Seidel 30.43

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 19.21 Matt Lambert 21.07 Lyndon O’Grady 21.08 Will Rosner 22.32 Greg Whipp 22.52 Stephen Seidel 24.03 Max Hadley 24.11 James Reilly 24.24 Jason Domeny 24.29 David Fleming 24.54 Alan Andrews 25.45 Justin Murphy 26.20 Angus Murphy 26.22 Andrea Cantle 26.57 Jonathan Feneley 26.57 Andrew Greenway 28.41 Sophia Carver 29.39 Rob Ryan 34.13 Mike Kennedy 36.35


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