Broulee Runners Wed 13th Nov 2019

The hot weather of yesterday must have scared people off running this evening as we only had 37 starters. Nevertheless, the quality of those present was good. We welcomed Riley Brassington to his first run with the group. He is on a work placement from Canberra and he performed very well in the 5 kilometres.

Taylor Traecey, who is showing considerable potential at a young age, did a personal best in the 2 kilometres. Kirsty, the fourth member of the Dunn family in this evening’s event ran and excellent PB in the 3.5 kilometres.

Emily Dickinson, who has been running with the group for more than 3 years celebrated her 100th this evening. She is part of a very talented family and her parents Margaret and Bruce are regulars as is her twin brother James. The family has accumulated 334 runs between them.

We celebrated Sophie Carver’s 30th run as well. She is one of the 5 Carvers, who participate regularly in the event and the family total is 260 runs.

The attraction of the event is that all members of a family can participate and have fun.

Above: Sophia Carver with her 30-run shirt.  Her father Scott and sister Emerson also popped into the picture.

Above: Emily Dickinson at the start line second from the left with the Bateman's Bay High shirt on. 

2 Kilometres

Taylor Traecey 7.25 Justin Murphy 9.31 Julianne Domeny 10.44 Emily Dickinson 13.06 Bruce Dickinson 13.06 David McCann 14.28 Lachlan Cole 15.21 Brenton Cole 15.22 Sadie Dunn 15.40 Emerson Carver 15.41 Scott Carver 15.43 Portia Dunn 15.45 Louise Cox 16.07 Ken Cox 16.10 Kathryn Jeffery 18.57

3.5 Kilometres

Prue Bartlett 17.55 Kirsty Dunn 18.14 Fiona Kelly 21.48 Sophia Carver 24.10 Freya Dunn 24.11 Robyn Kennedy 25.19 Richard Fisher 29.59

5 Kilometres

Matt Johnsen 19.31 Riley Brassington 20.29 Matt Lambert 21.29 Will Rosner 21.36 Alan Andrews 21.59 Angus Murphy 22.35 Anthony Miles 22.50 Greg Whipp 23.07 Jason Domeny 24.15 Andrea Cantle 27.17 Julie De Ernsted 29.17 Andrew Greenway 29.38 Angie Gannon 29.38 Rob Ryan 32.30 Mike Kennedy 38.15