Broulee Runners Wed 10th Feb 2021

This evening we welcomed 22 actual runners and 13 virtual runners. We welcomed Greg Castle and David Bain to their first run with the group and had John Lightfoot join us for his first run since 2009. It is wonderful to see the Broulee Runners continue to thrive and be a social activity for all levels. The camaraderie that has built over the years with some of the regulars is one of the lovely things about the Broulee runners group. There is always a lot of support and encouragement shown between all of the group and they welcome any new attendees with the same enthusiasm.

The success of the Broulee Runners is also due to the volunteers that help out each week. The ever-faithful supporters are Deb Connaughton, Richard Fisher, Robyn, and Mike Kennedy. These four normally do their run earlier in the day so that they are on deck at the run. Deb is the starter, announcer, timekeeper, and photographer. Richard puts out the cones and hands out the place tickets. Robyn records the finishers place and with Deb puts the finishers times against their name. Mike stands around and tries to look important. It is after the event that a large amount of work is done. Robyn and Mike make an appropriate story and type up the results. These are forwarded to Deb to polish and load onto Facebook with the photo. Mike sends the copy to the Bay Post and the Beagle.

Thanks must also go to our generous sponsors, Damien and Judy Kennedy for supplying the Broulee runners shirts and the Tomakin Sports and Social Club for donating our Multitimer to make the recording a lot easier.

The Bay Triathlon was held last Saturday 6 February and some of our regular Broulee runners participated. A few of the standout performances were Daniel Lloyd Jones who placed first in the Sprint Solo with a finishing time of 1.01.11. After completing his swim and bike leg Dan ran a very impressive 17.37 for the 5km run leg. Gary Ashton (pictured below), Stephen Phipps and Julie De Ernsted competed in the Standard Solo and all finished this gruelling event in outstanding times, all coming over the finish line just over the 3 hour mark. Well done to you all.

2 Kilometres Janara Parsons 17.10 Anna Weissel 17.13 Victoria Fleming 20.14 Roz Hayward 20.15

3.5 Kilometres Tino Lopresti 16.40 David McCann 29.40 Richard Fisher 31.42 Ruby Wilton 59.00 Travis Dummett 59.00 Allyson Jeffery 59.00 Kathryn Jeffery 59.00

5 Kilometres Daniel Beby 18.08 David Bain 19.41 Matt Lambert 20.53 Matt Johnsen 22.01 Andrew McPherson 22.29 Angus Murphy 23.39 Max Hadley 23.53 Dave Connaughton 24.11 Gary Ashton 24.55 Paige Connaughton 26.06 Pat Carmody 26.27 Michael Lambert 26.35 Bernie Lambert 26.40 Tori Hennig 26.42 Deb Connaughton 27.28 Eliza Milenkovic 27.52 Greg Castle 28.19 Jason Domeny 30.37 Lisa Robbins 32.22 Gill Stapleton 32.23 Simon Wall 32.54 Julianne Domeny 35.16 John Lightfoot 39.48 Annie Johnsen 41.25