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Broulee Runners September 2nd 2020

Run Isolated Broulee is now in the 25th week and we are still having a hard core of fit people, who are prepared to test themselves against the clock.  This evening we celebrated Bernie Lambert completing her 30th run.  She is the mother of Matt, who clocked 200 runs last week and the supporter of husband Michael, who has now completed 21 runs.  Bernie has completed several Park Runs and was registering impressive times, however she has several sets back with injuries.  Nevertheless, she puts these aside as “injuries of excellence” and works hard to reclaim her former fitness.

Above: Bernie Lambert with her 30 run shirt.

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres

Roz Hayward 19.45

Victoria Fleming 19.50

Anna Johnson 23.30

Molly Johnson 23.30

Nellie Johnson 23.30

Richard Johnson 23.30

Roy Booker 23.33

Billie Booker 23.33

Maisie Booker 23.33

3.5 Kilometres

Angie Gannon 20.29

David McCann 29.23

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 20.10

Bede Webster 22.11

Dave Connaughton 25.07

Paige Connaughton 25.59

Deb Connaughton 27.26

Ross Wilson 27.49

Michael Lambert 28.42

Simon Wall 31.02

Lisa Robbins 31.58

Tracy Denning 32.38

Morgan Pettit 33.19

Julie De-Ernsted 33.20

Jill Brown 33.22

Nev Madden 33.59

Bernie Lambert 39.30

Robyn Kennedy 41.18

Mike Kennedy 42.01