Broulee Runners September 29th 2021

Wet weather and cold wind reduced the number of recorded times. However. we can report on the achievements of 18 runners and walkers. Remember, if we can come out to play, we will be in daylight saving time and we will start at 5PM.

A celebration we missed while the Connaughton’s were stuck in Queensland and it was compounded by the problems of Lockdown, was Deb’s 400th run. Deb started with the runners on 27 February 2008 with the encouragement on her daughter Paige. With the departure of Liza Martini to the deep north, who incidentally was one of the founders of the event, Deb took over the marketing on the Blog (Liza’s creation) and set up the Facebook page. She is also the face of the event as starter and official timer. Every week people can see Deb’s report and the many photos she has in her library. With a bit of luck, we can celebrate this event at our Christmas party!!!

A face from the past is James Mitchell, who did his first and only run with the group on 3rd of January 2018. We can look forward to more runs!

Above: The Kennedy runners stuck in Canberra.

Samson and Mollie.

This week’s results are as follows:

2 Kilometres Mollie Kennedy8.18 Samson Kennedy 9.01 David McCann 16.45

3.5 Kilometres Julie Amphlett 28.49 Victoria Fleming 37.45

5 Kilometres Dave Connaughton 24.30 Georgia Finlay 26.04 James Mitchell 26.05 Paige Connaughton 26.36 Deb Connaughton 27.54 Karen Harding 28.10 Bernie Lambert 29.10 Michael Lambert 31.30 Lisa Robbins 34.14 Simon Wall 34.26 Michael Kennedy38.48 Tracy Denning 45.13 Robyn Kennedy 47.15