Broulee Runners Sept 22nd 2021

Today we celebrate the 30-run of Gill Stapleton, her first run with the group was on 14 October 2020. She came to this part of the world with the encouragement of her running pal Helen Carmody. She very much enjoys the friendship with the running community in the local district.

Gill and Helen ran marathons together overseas including London, Paris, USA as well as in Australia. The most traumatic of these was in the Boston Marathon in April 2013 when two bombs were exploded near the finish line killing 3 people and injuring 280 others. Gill and Helen were only a short distance from the finish line when the explosions occurred. Obviously, they were unable to finish. However, they were invited back the following year, she relates that this was a very moving, emotional, and special experience.

Another special young lady is Alexis Carver, who was able to receive her 30-run shirt. She is a talented athlete having represented her school in cross country running and performed with distinction in her school athletic carnival. This is remarkable as she only recently recovered from a broken leg in skateboard accident. Her family are great supporters of the Broulee Runners having a total of 348 runs between the 5 members.

Personal best times were recorded by Mike Atkin in the 2 Kilometres. Mollie Kennedy did a PB in the 3.5 kilometres and Georgia Finlay improved in the 5 Kilometres

Above: 30-run young athlete Alexis Carver

Above: 30-run Gill Stapleton

2 Kilometres

Mike Atkin 8.30 Samson Kennedy 8.46 Keira Atkin 9.32 Mia Atkin 10.47 Nicole Minifie 11.33

3.5 Kilometres

Mollie Kennedy 18.01 Julie Amphlett 30.03 David McCann 30.10 Victoria Fleming 40.12

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 21.36 Andrew McPherson 24.45 Dave Connaughton 24.53 Georgia Finlay 25.10 Bede Webster 25.10 Zoe Whymark 25.14 Paige Connaughton 26.58 Norm Lenehan 27.10 Deb Connaughton 27.42 Tori Hennig 28.05 Sophia Carver 29.02 Scott Carver 29.03 Bernie Lambert 29.08 Jenny Taylor 29.48 Simon Wall 32.16 Fiona Whitelaw 33.01 Michael Lambert 32.21 Lisa Robbins 33.26 Gill Stapleton 34.00 Tracy Denning 37.33 Mike Kennedy 38.44 Robyn Kennedy 49.35 Richard Fisher 51.37