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Broulee Runners Sept 16th 2020

This is week 27 of the Broulee Run isolated and we continue to get a good response from the community doing runs in their own time and in some cases in their own location.  There are some outstanding people, who contribute to the running scene in the district.  One of these people is Tracy Denning, who has recorded 75 runs today.  Her first run was on 8 February 2017.  She has also completed numerous Park Runs and with her trusty dog Rocket volunteers on a regular basis.  She a motivator and training partner for other runners.  She intends to go to the next level by entering a half marathon.

There were athletes in the 19 posted times that exceeded their personal expectations, and these were Tom Hofsteede, Matt Lambert, Bernie Lambert, and Angie Gannon.

Above: Tracy Denning (left) and Lisa Robbins her training partner.

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres

Victoria Fleming 2016

3.5 Kilometres

David McCann 29.30

5 Kilometres

Geordie Cox 18.54

Matt Lambert 19.25

Tom Hofsteede 21.02

Bede Webster 22.56

Dave Connaughton 24.25

Paige Connaughton 25.47

Ross Wilson 27.22

Deb Connaughton 27.22

Andrew McPherson 27.44

Michael Lambert 27.50

Angie Gannon 28.41

Lisa Robbins 30.21

Simon Wall 32.06

Tracy Denning 32.20

Bernie Lambert 34.45

Bruce Dickinson 35.29

Mike Kennedy 40.58

19 results