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Broulee Runners October 6th 2021

With the introductions of Daylight Saving and coming of Freedom Day next Monday 11 October it is likely that the Broulee Runners may be able to come out to play together. There is a need to look at the fine print and consult with our advisors, yet all looks positive. Further advice will follow!!!

The celebrity people of the week are Mollie and Samson Kennedy, who are regular visitors from Canberra having seventy-nine runs between them. They have excellent 2-kilometre times of 7.38 and 8.11, respectively. Their parents Anthony and Emma are outstanding athletes and their grandparents have achieved in athletic pursuits.

We look forward to Michelle Connor coming back to the runners to achieve her 30th run. Also, Bernie Lambert needs only three more runs to become a centurion along with 43 others to achieve this mark in the 14-year history of the event.

Personal best time of 8.11 was recorded by Samson Kennedy in the 2-kilometres.

The award for consistent performance during the lockdown period must go to the Atkin/Minifie family, who have recorded times most weeks during this period.

The results submitted this week are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Mollie Kennedy 7.50 Samson Kennedy 8.11 Keira Atkin 8.38 Mike Atkin 8.40 Karen Harding 10.45 Mia Atkin 10.50 Nicole Minifie 11.40

3.5 Kilometres

Julie Amphlett 29.06 David McCann 29.48

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 20.56 Dave Connaughton 24.48 Bede Webster 25.00 Georgia Finlay 25.40 Andrew McPherson 26.30 Paige Connaughton 26.38 Bernie Lambert 27.03 Deb Connaughton 28.17 Jenny Taylor 28.47 Gill Stapleton 33.30 Simon Wall 33.40 Lisa Robbins 43.21 Mike Kennedy 44.26 Tracy Denning 44.56 Robyn Kennedy 46.25 Richard Fisher 52.46 Victoria Fleming 66.45