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Broulee Runners October 13th 2021

This evening could be the last of virtual only run as the 80% vaccination level may bring redemption. We will be excited to announce when the coming together will happen.

It is worth reflecting on some statistics of the event from the beginning on 7 February 2007 when 7 people lined up for the first event. Since that time there has been 527 events and many thousand of people of various abilities have participated (too many to count). It is worth noting that 235 people have accumulated 20 or more runs. The list runs go from Eva Barker with 20 runs to Dave Connaughton (pictured) with a massive 561 runs. David should be a poster boy for a brand of running shoes.

The event is for all levels of talent from the very young in mum’s arms to elderly with some level of disability. However, it is worth mentioning the local athletes, who have achieved excellence. The outstanding female is Jaylah Hancock-Cameron, who holds all female records over the three distances and has a time of 17.46 in the 5-kilometres. Matt Johnsen holds the record of 15.51 in the 5-kilometres. Both have featured in National events with distinction and at peak fitness would lower these times considerably.

We welcomed back Sophie Dunn, whose first and only run was on 3rd of January 2018 with a time of 27.13 in the 5-kilometres. We look forward to seeing her more often.

Georgia Finlay knocked 87 seconds from her 5-kilometres best time and Karen Harding-Smith improved her time by 6 seconds.

The running legend of Broulee Dave Connaughton

The times presented this week are as follows:

2 Kilometres Samson Kennedy 8.37 Keira Atkin 8.55 Mike Aitkin 8.58 Mia Atkin 11.59

3.5 Kilometres David McCann 30.10 Julie Amphlett 30.55 Michael Lambert 36.34

5 Kilometres Matt Lambert 21.08 Zoe Whymark 23.56 Anthony Miles 23.56 Georgia Finlay 23.43 Dave Connaughton 24.45 Paige Connaughton 26.16 Andrew McPherson 26.24 Sophie Dunn 26.32 James Mitchell 26.32 Bernie Lambert 26.49 Karen Harding-Smith 28.04 Deb Connaughton 28.16 Simon Wall 32.28 Gill Stapleton 32.42 Mike Kennedy 45.10 Robyn Kennedy 48.52