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Broulee Runners November 3rd 2021

There was a strong North East wind to greet the group this evening which was good on the way out but slowed things down on the way back.

We welcomed Marc Person and Mel Selby who are visiting the area on holidays, Dylan Hunt, Glenn Tester and Brent Vidler who has set himself the challenge of running 60km during the month of November and fundraising for Movember.

After many Covid postponements the Huskisson half running festival and Husky Triathlon are on this coming weekend. Some of our Broulee Runners that are competing include Christian Proksch, Matt and Michael Lambert who are all running in the Half marathon, Bernie Lambert is contesting the 10km event all held on Saturday and Brenton Cole is participating in the Sprint Triathlon on Sunday. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing how they go.

2 Kilometre Event

Keira Atkin 7.56 Mike Atkin 8.18 Robert Edenborough 8.34 Samuel Dawson 9.12 Benji Mackay 9.37 Neil Mackay 9.37 Stephanie Dawson 9.53 Nicole Minifie 10.37 Mia Atkin 11.21 Lackhan Cole 12.24 Charley Proksch 12.25 Christian Proksch 12.26 Annie Johnsen 13.57 Brenton Cole 14.20 Willow Cole 14.22 Alice Cole 14.23 David McCann 15.40 Ashleigh Beby 16.57 Mitchell Beby 16.57 Michelle Beby 16.58 Leo Proksch 22.27 Jo Pollock 22.29 Alfie Mackay 27.10 Eva Mackay 27.11

3.5 Kilometre Event

Brent Vidler 17.14 Ross Wilson 18.45 Robyn Edenborough 20.50 Daniel Greenway 20.59 Andrew Greenway 21.01 Julie Amphlett 25.21 Victoria Fleming 38.40

5 Kilometre Event

Daniel Beby 18.11 Matt Edenborough 18.36 Matt Johnsen 19.43 David Bain 20.01 Marc Person 20.40 Matt Lambert 20.41 Lauren Evans 20.42 Mel Selby 20.48 Dylan Hunt 22.54 Andrew McPherson 22.57 Dave Connaughton 24.40 Paige Connaughton 25.58 James Reilly 26.03 Stephen Seidel 26.40 Bernie Lambert 27.27 Michael Lambert 28.10 Deb Connaughton 28.12 Glenn Tester 28.18 Simon Wall 36.56 Lisa Robbins 38.09