Broulee Runners Nov 17th 2021



High winds greeted the 26 actual runners this evening. The event is for all ages, and this is very much evident tonight with 2-year-old Alfie Mackay, who ran with his mother Eva. He is a real star and enjoys the applause as he runs toward the finish line.

We welcomed back Lilly McIntosh, who has recovered from a broken ankle. This may have slowed her down slightly nevertheless she was first home in the two kilometres.

Daniel Greenway was very impressive in the 3.5 Kilometres with a thirty-two second improvement. Aden Reynolds ran an excellent PB with a time of 18.24 in the 5 kilometres. The Movember man Brent Vidler, demonstrated excellent value for money in his quest to raise funds, by improving by 4 seconds in the 5 kilometres.

The start of tonight’s run. In the front row is Alfie Mackay the 2-year old champion with his mother Eva

36 results were recorded.

2 Kilometres

Lilly McIntosh 8.04

Keira Atkin 8.26

Mike Aitkin 8.38

Benji Mackay 9.44

Neil Mackay 9.46

Mia Atkin 9.55

Nicole Minifie 10.53

Michelle Beby 11.33

Mitchell Beby 11.34

David McCann 15.45

Richard Fisher 19.33

Victoria Fleming 20.01

Alfie Mackay 33.05

Eva Mackay 33.06

3.5 Kilometres

Daniel Greenway 18.28

Andrew Greenway 18.30

Bernie Lambert 19.00

Gill Stapleton 19.13

Samuel Dawson 19.32

Stephanie Dawson 20.10

Julie Amphlett 25.50

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.21

Aden Reynolds 18.24

Matt Johnsen 19.55

Matt Lambert 21.11

Andrew McPherson 22.05

Zoe Whymark 24.01

Paige Connaughton 25.38

Dave Connaughton 25.46

Georgia Finlay 25.49

Brent Vidler 25.50

Deb Connaughton 26.22

Michael Lambert 26.51

Karen Harding-Smith 28.38

Simon Wall 32.12

Robyn Kennedy 44.52