Broulee Runners March 3rd 2021

Perfect Autumn conditions allowed the 18 actual runners to record strong runs. There were also 10 virtual runners, who also produced good times. Personal best time were recorded by Sunni West, Crystal Aitken, Greg Castle and Norm Lenehan.

The star of the evening is eleven-year-old Tino Lopresti. Tino had plaster removed from a broken arm on Monday and managed to come second in the 5-kilometres with a time of 23.03. This excellent time is only 7 seconds away from his personal best. Even with his arm in plaster he continued to perform with distinction and was able to manage an average time of 23.48 for the 5 kilometres.

Above: Tino Lopresti, a talented young man

2 Kilometres

Sunni West 7.46 Caitlin Seidel 9.06 Victoria Fleming 12.02

3.5 Kilometres

Maddie Seidel 28.01 David McCann 30.55 Richard Fisher 31.17

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 19.59 Tino Lopresti 23.03 Angus Murphy 23.14 James Reilly 24.45 Gary Ashton 24.49 Andrew McPherson 24.55 Crystal Aitken 26.12 Greg Castle 26.30 Paige Connaughton 26.43 Stephen Seidel 26.53 Deb Connaughton 27.12 Dave Connaughton 27.13 Jason Domeny 27.17 Zoe Whymark 28.32 Norm Lenehan 28.32 Andrew Greenway 31.02 Julianne Domeny 33.27 Lisa Robbins 33.27 Simon Wall 36.40 John Lightfoot 37.51 Annie Johnsen 40.08 Robyn Kennedy 59.02