Broulee Runners March 10th 2021

Perfect running conditions welcomed the 27 actual and 13 virtual starters in this week’s event. We welcomed back the Ireson and Gilligan family. Once again young Tino Lopresti impressed with a 20 second personal best time and he finished 4th in the 5-kilometres behind quality senior runners. Greg Castle also impressed as he equalled his personal best time in the 5-kilometres, which he established last week.

This evening we celebrated Richard Fisher’s 300 appearance with the group. Richard first came onto the scene on 14 September 2011. Since that time, he has regularly helped with the event. He controls the places getters at the finish and helps with the marking of the course, he has removed debris and even mowed the track. He is an asset and great bloke. Well done Richard.

Above: Richard Fisher, the 300 run man

The results are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Daniel Greenway 9.04 Laura Lopresti 11.30 Tom Ireson 12.49 Anna Marley 13.06 Alexa Gilligan 16.11 Suzie Gilligan 16.11 Victoria Fleming 21.12 Roz Hayward 21.13 Ruby Wilton 37.42 Travis Dummett 37.42 Allyson Jeffery 37.42 Kathryn Jeffery 37.42

3.5 Kilometres

Archie Gilligan 27.12 Hugo Ireson 27.17 David McCann 29.33 Richard Fisher 31.22 Robyn Kennedy 35.12

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 18.08 Matt Lambert 21.03 Bede Webster 21.24 Tino Lopresti 22.36 Angus Murphy 22.43 Andrew McPherson 23.07 Stephen Seidel 24.23 Gary Ashton 24.55 Paige Connaughton 26.05 James Reilly 26.29 Greg Castle 26.30 Zoe Whymark 26.41 Tony Ireson 26.52 Krystal Aitken 27.03 Jason Domeny 27.10 Deb Connaughton 28.15 Dave Connaughton 28.17 Rob Ryan 32.09 Simon Wall 33.04 Julianne Domeny 33.41 Maddie Seidel 37.10 Annie Johnsen 38.53 Mike Kennedy 39.17