Broulee Runners June 16th 2021

The rain started to fall right on 4.30pm as the runners set off on this weeks run, this made for a muddy, slippery track. We welcomed Gijs Vonk, who is visiting the area, to his first run with the group. It was nice to see Simon Wall join us in person, Simon who lives in Canberra has ran with the group for many years and regularly sends in his virtual time to be recorded. Congratulations go to Tino Lopresti and Daniel Greenway on accomplishing impressive PB’s on a tough course. Tonight we celebrated the 30th run of Daniel Greenway and presented him with his Broulee Runners shirt. The new shirt seemed to do wonders with Daniel’s time and he achieved an impressive PB, he is pictured with his father Andrew (below). The Greenway family are great supporters of the event with brother James and mother Natalie having accumulated 137 runs between them. A special mention to all our young runners who have participated in the regional Cross Country events held last week in Sydney. From tonights run we had Tino Lopresti, Alexis Carver and Lilly McIntosh who all achieved fantastic results.

2 Kilometre Event

Tino Lopresti 7.21 Lilly McIntosh 8.19 Mitchell Beby 8.21 Sophia Carver 8.47 Poppy Mitchell 9.46 Alexis Carver 10.06 Lucinda Mitchell 11.22 Michelle Mitchell 11.24 Laura Lopresti 11.40 Hugo Mitchell 13.17 Ashlee Beby 13.18 Jye Barbara 13.44 Eve Popelier Knight 14.16 Clare Knight 14.17 Helen Okey 18.47 Richard Fisher 19.42

3.5 Kilometre Event

Daniel Beby 16.47 Caitlin Seidel 18.25 Anna Hutchinson 22.16 Lisa Robbins 22.26

5 Kilometre Event

David Bain 20.10 Scott Carver 20.41 Matt Lambert 20.43 Gijs Vonk 23.33 Zoe Whymark 24.04 Dave Connaughton 24.18 Paige Connaughton 25.23 Stephen Seidel 26.04 Orla Tangney 26.24 James Tangney 26.24 Steven Tangney 26.24 Deb Connaughton 27.03 Simon Wall 27.24 Daniel Greenway 29.46 Taryn Carver 29.58 Andrew Greenway 30.50

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png