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Broulee Runners July 29th July 2020

This is week 17 of the Broulee Runners isolated series and there does not seem to be any light at the end of the COVID tunnel. Nevertheless, runners were able to record times. This was particularly difficult because of the water and fallen trees and branches. We are fortunate to have times posted from various parts of the country.

Mention should be made of those who have register 30 runs and have not been able to be presented with their Broulee Runners Shirt. They are Brock Gilligan, Angie Gannon, and Simon Wall.

Brock has 3 sons, who have recorded 160 runs between them, and the two older boys Harrison and Vaughn are outstanding athletes and, in the past, represented their school at State level. Work commitments prevent Brock from training, yet he has a personal best time of 25.28 in the 5 kilometres.

Angie Gannon’s work commitments required her to spend time in Sydney and now that she is permanently living in the district will be able to spend more time training. She has recorded good times in each of the three distances.

Simon Wall is one of our regular Canberra connection and he has an excellent personal best in the 5 kilometres of 22.58. Simon’s claim to fame is that he ran at least 5 kilometres every day for a year.

Above: The marathon girls -Left to Right – Anna Hutchinson, Tracy Denning, Lisa Robbins.

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres

Andrew McPherson 18.47 Nina McPherson 18.43 Declan McPherson 19.15 Michelle McPherson 19.15 Victoria Fleming 21.32 Roz Hayward 22.03

3.5 Kilometres

David McCann 31.10 Bernie Lambert 32.32

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 20.06 Bede Webster 21.36 Paige Connaughton 24.27 Dave Connaughton 24.29 Deb Connaughton 27.07 Ross Wilson 27.24 Michael Lambert 30.13 Simon Wall 31.12 Anna Hutchinson 32.18 Lisa Robbins 33.07 Tracy Denning 33.37 Nev Madden 34.01 Jill Brown 34.36 Mike Kennedy 37.07 Robyn Kennedy 44.36 Richard Fisher 49.52