Broulee Runners July 28th 2021

The August winds came early to Broulee this evening and 30 runners came to test themselves. The warmer weather helped with performances and as a result there were 6 personal best times.

In the 2 kilometres PBs were recorded by Lilly McIntosh and Ashlee Baby. In the 5 kilometres Lulu Henley, Richard Scholes, Eliza Milenkovic and Daniel Greenway improved.

The outstanding Carver family are great supporters of event having completed 339 runs between the 5 members with recent performances of distinction at school athletic carnivals. One daughter had podium finishers in three events and 4th in an another and was the 2nd age champion. The other daughter competed in 8 events, was first in shotput, and was first in the high jump setting a new school record.

2 Kilometres

Lilly McIntosh 7.28

Mike Atkin 8.37

Keira Atkin 9.11

Sophia Carver 9.18

Mia Atkin 10.42

Ashlee Beby 11.47

Michelle Beby 11.48

Riley Beby 11.49

Annie Johnsen 14.35

Julie Amphlett 14.52

Margaret Artuso 14.54

David McCann 15.05

Sunni West 16.52

3.5 Kilometres

John Lightfoot 24.16

Alexis Carver 28.36

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 18.08

Dave Bain 20.13

Matt Lambert 20.35

Scott Carver 2043

Matt Johnsen 21.56

Andrew McPherson 22.16

Zoe Whymark 24.25

Dave Connaughton 24.58

Stephen Seidel 25.46

Lulu Henley 26.00

Paige Connaughton 26.12

Richard Scholes 26.57

Eliza Milenkovic 27.17

Taryn Carver 27.46

Daniel Greenway 28.27

Simon Wall 28.56

Jason Domeny 29.12

Gill Stapleton 29.30

Andrew Greenway 30.36

Richard Fisher 55.41

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png