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Broulee Runners Jan 22nd 2020

Very strong winds and hot temperature did not stop 68 people from testing themselves over the 3 distances on offer this evening. Most were hunched over driving into the wind on the finishing straight. It was great to see a number of Canberra people, who visit each Christmas holiday period, in particular we welcomed the 5 members of the Cecere family. Andrew and Jacqueline Oberg from Goulburn always enjoy coming to the event. Jonathon Feneley, from Sydney, takes the opportunity to run with his friend Andrea Cantle on his regular visits.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Cameron Hewitson, Archie Gilligan and Zara Hungerford. In the 3.5 kilometres Angie Gannon ran an excellent time to record a PB.

Justin Murphy celebrated his 12th birthday by coming second in the 2 kilometres and relegating his father Angus to 4th position.

Above: Justin, the birthday boy and his dad Angus. 

Above: before the start and those with their hands up are about to have fun!!!

2 Kilometres

Cathy West 9.26 Justin Murphy 10.09 Cameron Hewitson 10.10 Angus Murphy 10.11 Jack Cecere 10.41 Julianne Domeny 11.21 Caroline Booth 11.26 Archie Gilligan 11.53 Brock Gilligan 11.54 Sunni West 12.19 Zara Hungerford 13.15 Annie Johnsen 13.33 Jye Barbara 14.14 John Hicks 14.16 Bridget Whipp 14.26 Damia O’Loughlin 15.37 Helen Okey 17.11 Kathryn Jeffery 18.16 Nev Madden 18.16 Daisy West 18.40 Lily Cecere 19.23 Teddy Cecere 19.25 Kate Cecere 19.26 Erin Domeny 19.42 Caitlin Seidel 19.43 Rocco Lopresti 19.45 Maddy Seidel 19.49 Charley Proksch 20.15 Lachlan Cole 20.15 Leo Proksch 21.06 Jo Pollock 21.09 Robyn Domeny 23.31 Willow Cole 23.53 Brenton Cole 23.54 Imogen Seidel 27.59

3.5 Kilometres

Ross Wilson 18.57 Charlie Cecere 19.41 Angie Gannon 19.41 Sarah Leach 22.49 Harry Leach 22.55 Greg Leach 22.55 Sandra Lunn 23.22 David McCann 29.39 Richard Fisher 31.39

5 Kilometres

Andrew Oberg 21.25 Lauren Evans 21.52 Matt Lambert 22.14 Greg Whipp 23.04 Will Rosner 23.06 Harrison Gilligan 23.49 Lachlan Dally 26.04 Christian Proksch 24.11 Dave Connaughton 24.31 Jacqueline Oberg 24.32 James Reilly 24.59 Jason Domeny 25.35 Vaughn Gilligan 26.58 Stephanie Lunn 27.22 Stephen Seidel 27.59 Andrea Cantle 28.19 Jonathon Feneley 28.20 David West 28.30 Deb Connaughton 28.46 Gerard Van Weerdenburg 29.23 Steve Phipps 29.33 Andrew Greenway 30.58 Bethany Seidel 31.13 Rob Ryan 36.42


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