Broulee Runners February 2nd 2022

This evening we had forty starters and lots of personal best times. In the 2-kilometres PBs were recorded by Kira Pendlebury, Neve Lenehan, Stella Lloyd-Jones, Millie Shanahan, Archie Gilligan, Violet Kerr, Eli Melgaard and Rhett Guthrie. In the 3.5-kilometres PBs were recorded by Bradley Lunn and Poppy Melgaard.

Dan Lloyd-Jones and Scott Melgaard were using tonight to limber up for the triathlon this coming weekend. They both are expected to feature prominently in the results.

We welcomed Atul Sharma and Emily Tugwell, who are both medical students working locally. We also were pleased to welcome Monica Kerr for her first run, who helped her daughter Violet run a PB.

Next week we celebrate the 15th year of the Broulee Runners, which commenced on on 7 February 2007. The inspiration to start the event was when Liza Martini and Mike Kennedy were training for the 2007 Canberra Marathon. As there were no competitive running events in the district, they decided to organise a handicap event over 5-kilometres. The idea was that slower runners were given a start and the faster tried to catch them. This idea of a handicap event was dropped a year later in favour for a group start.

The 3.5-kilometres was added in September 2008. A year later the 2-kilometres was added.

As a result of having this competition Liza went on to complete her first marathon in a time of 3.57.58 and Mike his 19th and last in 3.56.18. Liza went on to improve her performances and Mike went out backwards. The only other original, of the early months, still fronting up on Wednesday evenings to run is Annie Johnsen. Annie started on 14 March 2007 and has 194 runs on the board.

Women have been the backbone of the event. The wonderful three are Deb Connaughton, Robyn Kennedy, and Liza Martini.

We hope that as many as possible will come next week to celebrate the occasion. Because of COVID we will not be able to have the usual birthday cake – maybe next year!

Above: Violet and her mother Monica Kerr (mums first run)

2 Kilometres

Mike Atkin 8.44 Kira Pendlebury 9.28 Ruby Connor 9.29 Neve Lenehan 10.02 Stella Lloyd-Jones 10.02 Millie Shanahan 10.16 Andrew Greenway 11.07 Archie Gilligan 11.32 Violet Kerr 12.00 Monica Kerr 12.11 Beau Melgaard 12.31 Eli Melgaard 12.52 David McCann 15.50 Richard Fisher 18.45 Rhett Guthrie 19.03 Matt Lambert 19.04 Michelle Connor 19.31 Adrian Connor 19.32

3.5 Kilometres

Cameron Lunn 16.45 Emily Tugwell 17.46 Bradley Lunn 18.26 Poppy Melgaard 20.28 Sandra Lunn 20.29 Julianne Domeny 23.24 Atul Sharma 26.57

5 Kilometres

Dan Lloyd-Jones 20.00 Scott Melgaard 21.25 Paige Connaughton 23.27 Zoe Whymark 24.04 Dave Connaughton 25.05 Stephen Seidel 26.57 Deb Connaughton 27.23 Karen Harding-Smith 27.37 Beatrice O’Donovan 30.31 Damien O’Donovan 30.33 Gill Stapleton 32.36 Warren Smith 33.28 Simon Wall 34.10 Lisa Robbins 34.19