Broulee Runners February 26th 2020

Very strong southerly winds made it very difficult for the 62 starters this evening. The highlight was the number of very young pre-school age children, who participated with their parents. It is delightful the way they sprint the last 50 metres and all know the ropes by collecting their place number and move directly to the recorder.

We lost a long time regular in Louise Cox, who is moving to Sydney and gained a former regular in Victoria Fleming, who returned after a long illness.

We welcomed Alex Dodds from London. He will be moving to Sydney with another new starter in Katie Richards. We also welcomed Phil Turner and Jen Newman. A special welcome to Olga and Vlad Konovalov, who recently moved to Mossy Point and are enthusiastic about participating in the event.Personal best times were very hard to come by in this evening’s conditions. Nevertheless, Julien Dunne in the 2 kilometres and Phil Timms in the 3.5 kilometres were the big improvers.

2 Kilometres Justin Murphy 9.08 Angus Murphy 9.09 Poppy Mitchell 9.44 Julien Dunne 10.10 Audrey Knobel 10.29 Jordan Carter 11.17 Donni Gonzalez 11.39 Sean Costin 11.49 Nathan Costin 12.20 Emma Carter 12.49 Nina McPherson 14.50 Allie Gonzalez 14.51 David McCann 14.55 Bruce Dickinson 15.19 Emily Dickinson 15.20 Nancy Costin 16.08 Carissa Morgan 16.09 Janelle Morgan 16.10 Lucinda Mitchell 16.30 Lotte Knobel 16.32 Eve Knight 16.35 Clare Knight 16.39 Michelle Mitchell 16.50 Matt Johnsen 16.54 Nev Madden 16.56 Olga Konovalova 17.37 Vlad Konovalov 17.42 Jye Barbara 17.58 Helen Okey 18.01 Pauline Hicks 18.04 Katie Richards 20.56 Sue Christie 20.56 Jennifer Carter 21.12 Christen Carter 22.16 Lachlan Cole 25.34 Willow Cole 26.49 Brenton Cole 26.51 Victoria Fleming 26.52 3.5 Kilometres Taylor Traecey 17.07 Phil Timms 17.29 Lucy Bain 18.25 Ross Wilson 18.28 Regina Knobel 19.22 Tracy Denning 21.32 Belinda Bain 21.38 John Hicks 21.42 Julianne Domeny 22.28 Annie Johnsen 25.55 Phil Turner 26.38 Jen Newman 29.08 Rickard Fisher 31.13 5 Kilometres Alex Dodds 20.28 Matt Lambert 21.26 Bede Webster 22.05 Dylan Van Der Meulen 22.19 Lauren Evans 23.09 Louise Cox 23.31 James Reilly 25.08 Andrew McPherson 25.14 Gary Ashton 25.16 Andrea Cantle 28.41 Andrew Greenway 29.07